A new technology for better aesthetics

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Ease of processing

Thanks to the new technologies implemented in the new MATERIA production plant, it has become possible to launch in the market a large ceramic slab totally devoid of internal tensions, with the final result of greater ease of cutting and processing.

Selection and Research of raw materials

The raw materials used are carefully selected for their high plasticity, which improves the technical performance of the finished product.

Increased rollers of the PCR 3000

The new Sacmi Continua3000 machine is equipped with oversized rollers that improve the compaction’s technique of the material, avoiding the formation of voids made of air inside the ceramic dough.

X-ray Density Scanner

The internal structure of each slab is checked using an X-ray scan machine (dynamic grain size control) before entering into the oven. In this way it becomes possible to guarantee the constant quality of the product by discarding the material that may present anomalies.

7-storey dryer

The release of moisture from the material has been improved and optimized thanks to the use of an innovative 7-storey dryer, 47 meters long, which makes this process more gradual improving the characteristics of the product.


The new oven for ceramic materials used by MATERIA has been designed specifically for large format slabs: its length of 185 meters, with an inlet of 1.95 meters, makes it one of the largest oven ever installed inside a production plant. These characteristics allow an optimal manufacturing of the slabs minimizing the internal tensions of the material.